A Tune For Tuesday Returns – Wrestling Anthem

In a swerve worthy of Vince Russo, the WWE waited until approximately two minutes before the expected debut of the Network last night to tell us UK fans that the switch on was delayed “until further notice”.

What a swizz.


But never fear, because we’re going to have ourselves a bit of a relaunch on this very site.

Back again on Tuesdays, it’s the as-yet unnamed weekly music video, celebrating the best of geek culture.

And in honour of that Russoesque storyline turn, we’ll begin with one of the world’s finest wrestling anthems.*

*This might be a lie, but DAMN it’s 90s.

Bret Hart is one of the best wrestlers I’ve ever seen, but it’s a good job he could wrestle cos he never was much cop on the microphone – this song included. The line at the end where he says “there’s a new gun in town” – well, unless you won the WWF Championship in your very first match, you’re hardly a new gun are you?

Then again, everyone on there is a bit rubbish. There’s only the Big Boss Man who looks remotely comfortable, and that’s cos he gets to swing his nightstick about while he talks.

And if that didn’t cheer you up, let’s have an actual bonus wrestling match from 2000. The debut of…


From Royal Rumble 2000. Let’s treat ourselves to Tazz throwing Kurt Angle about like a ragdoll.

Hope that cheered you up. Now I’m off to work on my promos.

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