2nd Blogging Birthday Q&A – Submit Your Questions #AskAS5

My second anniversary of writing a geek culture blog is 23rd November.

One of the most common traits of my geeky nature is my ridiculously short attention span, but later on this month I’ll be celebrating the second anniversary of my current run as a geek blogger; something I’ve been immensely proud of between the former Guide To Geekdom and this here site.

Alpha Signal Five - a Geek Culture Blog

I started blogging for two main reasons:

To get more involved in geek culture

Not that I felt I needed to start writing regularly in order to fit in – it’s a fairly common viewpoint that geeks go out of their way not to fit in sometimes – but writing for Alpha Signal Five (and on Geekocracy too!) has really allowed me to get more involved in seeing what’s out there, and who’s making it.

During the past two years I’ve had some great conversations with some great people, and I like to think I’ve boosted my own geek cred too, just a bit. Not to mention all the amazing stuff I’ve had the pleasure of reading, watching and playing with half an eye on praising once I’m back at the keyboard. It’s been a way to develop my interests and remind me of the things I want to get stuck into in future.

And with that, the other main reason:

To improve my writing

Because writing is the main thing I’d like to get stuck into. Aside from being lucky enough to write for a living at a marketing firm, keeping a blog has helped me sharpen my own skills of criticism and analysis. I now feel like I’ve got a good eye for what’ll get my readers interested and, more important to keep coming back.

But it’s as a way of expressing myself that I think I love it even more. God knows I love it when I get a nice comment on here, or get a good chat going on Twitter, but all that aside I think I’d still love blogging as a form of self-expression.

And with that in mind, I’ve had an idea for how best to celebrate my blogging birthday.

To bump my About page A Readers’ Q&A

So if there’s anything you want to ask me about my take on geek culture, or just something you’d like to know about me, go ahead:

I’ll pick and answer the best questions in a full Q&A post later on in the month. Happy asking!

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