The Weekly Rip on Gotham: Spirit of The Goat

I think I might start doing this in bullet-point form, every week; for as much as I can pick at the themes, story and performances every week – as well as wonder where the programme itself is heading off into – it’s much easier just to pick fault with individual things that are happening on screen, like this:

 why I'm ready to stop watching Gotham

  • At the latest crime scene, ­Detective Bullock flat out calls Dr Nygma, “Enigma”. Did absolutely everyone miss this before it made it to air? Or even off the set that day? Unless Nygma’s trying to hype up some sort of rap name around the office, this was ridiculous.
  • While we’re on the topic, Nygma has more screen time this week, for no reason at all except to tease either a) a romance with Kringle from Records, or b) his turn into the Riddler – which would be completely unwarranted at this point. I just don’t like him very much, there’s no need for that character to be Nygma; a crime lab guy to fulfil the police procedural aspect alone would be just fine; no need to make him a future Bat-villain.
  • A newspaper report on Young Master Bruce’s pinboard says “Rumours swirling of Falcone-Maroni mob war”. If I were either Falcone or Maroni, I’d have that journalist taken ‘off the job’ for good, writing stuff like that. Maybe just me.
  • I jokingly said “she did it” at the first character onscreen who wasn’t immediately summed up with a catch-all description – and she bloody did. I’m not psychic, I just know when the details are being withheld for future plot progression. It’s not good writing.
  • And from the Cliché File: At one point, about Bullock, Dix literally says the line “he’s a loose cannon”. Jesus.

Follows on from ‘Why I’m Ready To Stop Watching Gotham’

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