Doubts of a Geek Blogger

Geek Trading Cards – an ideal addition to any About Me page.

So, my 2nd birthday as a geek blogger came and went last week.

And sadly my #AskAS5 hashtag saw absolutely no action. Not a bean.


But don’t worry readers, I won’t hold it against you – because I sort of forgot about it too.

Thing is, I’m not even sure whether to regard myself as a geek blogger anyway. What I do is more reporting on the latest geek culture news than it is to react as a member of a fandom. And while I do cast my own criticisms and praise on cool and crappy things, there’s not much of a personal spin on it.

I think I just don’t like talking about myself all that much. And if you wanted to know, well, you would’ve asked last week, right? It’s not that I don’t feel I’ve got anything to say, because I do, but I’m not sure where it fits in with whatever I’m reading, or watching, or playing.

Which means, after all that, I’m still struggling to decide what it is I’m trying to achieve with Alpha Signal Five.

For now, there’s something I worked on a while back but didn’t get around to posting.

Geek Trading Card

geek blogger trading card

I think I’ll be displaying this card on my About Me page from now on. It’s a quick introduction to me, much quicker than writing about me would achieve, done in an interesting way. I’m not embarrassed to admit that this took me a lot longer to make than it would appear; I’m no designer, and I did spend a while trying to come up with the Top Trumps categories.

If you like it, I think it would be cool to try something similar yourself – a quick intro to your blog for new, returning or existing readers. Let me know if you fancy giving it a go!


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