The Week in Geek: WWE TLC(S), TNA Relaunch and The Steam Holiday Auction

Your weekly round-up of all things geek culture. This week: tables, ladders, chairs, stairs and Steam.

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WWE’s Tables, Ladders, Chairs…and Stairs???

Tonight is the WWE’s sixth annual TLC pay-per-view event. As usual, the card is a mixed bag of predictability and wasted potential. The expected main event is a Tables match between John Cena and Seth Rollins, with Cena’s number one contender status on the line.

First of all, I’m really not a fan of the whole ‘pay-per-view named after a match type’ thing. It’s bad enough knowing I’ll get more than one Hell In A Cell match every 12 months; even worse that I know exactly when it will happen. A certain match type is supposed to enhance the storyline, not act as a placeholder for whoever’s feuding at that point in time. The original TLC matches between The Hardys, Dudleys and Edge & Christian served to add each team’s signature weapons into a series of amazing matches, but now we’re getting the likes of a Chairs match between Ryback and Kane (yawn), and – even worse – the debut of a Steel Stairs match between Erick Rowan and Big Show.

Think I’ll be skipping this one, folks.

TNA Relaunch on Destination America details

TNA Wrestling is not finished, so take that, past blog post. This week details have emerged of relaunch plans on TNA’s new home channel, Destination America.

I have literally never heard of Destination America, but apparently it’s owned by Discovery. Can we expect to see Impact sandwiched in between episodes of How It’s Made?

impact wrestling logo destination america

The rebranded Impact Wrestling will debut with a live two-hour episode on Wednesday 7th January before settling into its new timeslot of Friday nights – convenient since it’s the same slot recently vacated by WWE Smackdown, which is moving back to Thursday nights.

Once it’s finished at 11, DA viewers can then enjoy…the exact same programme again, every week. Why? I noticed that they do this with The Walking Dead too; don’t you Yanks have +1 channels?

I’m hoping this relaunch goes well for TNA, if only because WWE needs to stop being so complacent and get worried about the competition again. I can’t say the allure of Roode vs Lashley III will force me to tune in once it airs again in the UK, but good luck regardless.

The Steam Holiday Auction stops and starts again

Fancy using virtual items to bid for a new game on Steam? Well, bidding was quickly halted on the first Steam Holiday Auction after those wily hackers found ways to exploit the system, but as of today it’s all up and running again.

For your chance to win up to 200,000 games (assuming that’s x amount of games multiplied by x amount of copies of the game), head on over to Steam – and while you’re at it, they’ll be having one of their epic sales that serves to empty wallets and fill up hard drives. I’m in.


One thought on “The Week in Geek: WWE TLC(S), TNA Relaunch and The Steam Holiday Auction

  1. Having seen TLC…S – I was pleasantly surprised by the Stairs match! Big Red Rowan and Big Angry Giant Show put on a bit of a brute match. It wasn’t special like the Ziggler v Harper match (I was so concerned for both of them, it’s weird..!) nor the frankly insane (and logical finish O_o; ) Ambrose v Wyatt, but it was good 🙂

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