The Week in Geek: Notch goes Hollywood, #Grapplergate and BBC links up with TED

This week’s big geek culture stories, distinctly non-Christmassy!

week in geek culture news

Notch buys a Hollywood mansion

What do you do when you’ve just sold your small-time game development company for a cheeky couple of billion? Well if you’re Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, you buy some serious real estate in Hollywood.

Digital Spy reports this week that the co-founder of Mojang and co-creator of Minecraft has paid $70 million for a mansion in Beverly Hills – the most money ever paid for a pad in the area.

Not only that, but Notch is said to have beat showbiz power couple Beyoncè and Jay-Z in bidding for the home, which contains eight bedrooms, 15 bathrooms and a room dedicated to sweets along with the usual Hollywood trappings like a massive pool.

Considering Notch has written in the past that he doesn’t want all the attention which comes with being a millionaire gaming celebrity, this move is a bit odd, no?

Dave Meltzer considered for GFW launch commentary

Wrestling fans will be aware that Jeff Jarrett, formerly of the awful country music gimmick (most prominent during the New Generation) and latterly of starting a new company just to put their world belt on himself, has launched a new company called Global Force Wrestling. Next month they’ll be co-hosting a show at the Tokyo Dome with New Japan, which ought to be great especially as it’s been announced that good ol’ JR Jim Ross will be calling it for GFW.

Before Matt Striker got the co-commentary gig, a name being considered was that of leading wrestling journalist and historian Dave Meltzer, who recently revealed (Cageside Seats) that his name was being considered for the job. Though he’s previously worked on a couple of low-key projects at ringside, this would’ve been a fairly high-profile job on the wrong side of the fence.

Since you’re a visitor to this particular site, you know what Gamergate is, but actually this is about ethics in wrestling journalism. Grapplergate, anyone? For me having Meltzer on board would’ve definitely added to the show but I can see the alternative that he’d no doubt be required to cover the show in another professional capacity which would’ve raised a few issues.

BBC Radio 4 to broadcast TED events

In one of the better examples of ‘content’ I’ve seen in ages, BBC Radio 4 and 4 Extra have partnered with American station NPR to broadcast selected TED talks from next month.

ted talks bbc radio 4

According to Radio Today, the TED Radio Hour will use selected excerpts of TED talks to educate listeners on a different topic every week. The first episode features Sting (the singer, surprisingly) among other guests discussing creativity and how we can all increase our capacity to create. The TED Radio Hour will air twice a week every Sunday on 4 Extra online and on DAB, while Radio 4 will broadcast one episode a month to a much larger audience on FM.

I’ve always enjoyed the odd TED talk and can always find a different one to help me feel inspired.

What’s your favourite TED talk?

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