New Year’s Blog Resolutions

My quest to be a better geek blogger begins.

Happy New Year! (I wrote this bit on Tuesday night so am pre-empting myself here, but just go with it.)

I’m definitely not one for the whole Year In Review thing (he said, despite writing one for 2013) but that being said, it’d be silly of me not to try and look back on what works and what doesn’t for the blog, just as in life. That way I get to improve my lot in life as a blogger and you get to read better posts.

So, inspired by a post I read today over at North East Nerd, I thought I’d try and come up with my own New Year’s Blogging Resolutions.

A spring clean

Not just talking the actual look and feel of the site here, though it is looking a bit greyscale-dull, I’m no designer. I don’t know what having such a dreary looking colour scheme says about me but it’s only because I have no artistic talent that I even let it get this fancy.

There’s also loads of SEO gubbins I could be doing to increase my stats and rankings. Hopefully all them googlers googling will find my take on stuff more often if I’m a bit more organised layout-wise.

Be more social

I don’t do nearly enough promotion of new blog posts, or even that much chatter with fellow geeks through the @AlpSig5 account; most conversation comes from my personal account and usually isn’t something I chat about on the site. Same goes for the Facebook page; I don’t make a habit of logging in and making regular updates aside from a new post update, and even those aren’t getting much action in return. I resolve to do slightly more tweeting from my second account.

Write more

Having only managed one or two posts a week of late, I think I need to either be consistent at that level (when it isn’t zero a week) or even try and up the weekly word count. I need to work on scheduling stuff too so that things are more regular and readers know when to expect something cool…or something anyway.

This actually goes beyond blogging. I’ve been sorely lacking some activity in the other side of my brain of late and I need to spark it up again with a script, or short story, or something.

geek blog writing

Write for myself

There’s been a real divide over the past year on my site between the stuff I want to write, and the stuff I like to write but am confident will get searched for too. I’m not pointing any fingers but a lot of the topical wrestling posts I wrote had some element of this involved in their creation.

And while I’m happy enough writing about the week’s big stories in brief, a lot of what I write here is equally as much to get a stat bump, even when I know I’m not putting my heart into it.

That will hopefully stop, because the main thing I’ve wondered how to achieve this past year is how to get more ‘me’ up in this. That started with this week’s post about Animal Crossing: New Leaf and hopefully it will continue, even if it means less regular posting. It’d be totally worth it not to have to reach for a new news story when I just need to dig a bit deeper and found out what’s working for me on a personal level that day.

Stop and smell the flowers

smell the flowers

At the same time as I want to improve my strike rate, I need to be careful not to get anxious about the level and frequency of posts, or get bogged down in the details. I should always take time to celebrate achievements, both blogging and personal, and hitting 5,000 views last week was one such example (which I am ever so grateful to you for, readers.)

Making resolutions is all well and good but they’ve got to come from a place of building on the foundations rather than trying to tear them down in the name of reinvention. I’m happy with where I am right now and that’s good enough for me.

Be this cool, all the time.


‘Nuff said.

Shorter posts?

Haha, good one. Hope you enjoyed this 724-word post, and Happy New Year!

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