My Top Reads of 2014

Picking out my favourite books I read last year.

According to my profile I managed to read an even 20 new books in 2014, excluding the various graphic novels I managed to get through (my favourite probably being a good six volumes of Matt Fraction’s Invincble Iron Man run).

That comes out at under one every two weeks. Still pretty good going, but with the amount of books I received for Christmas I definitely hope to top that this year.

top reads of 2014

Here are the six books which I rated as the highest I’d read in 2014.

Snow Crash

Published in the early 90s, this techno-thriller set both inside and outside a virtual world has just the right amount of surrealism in both and a far-reaching subject matter in ancient linguistics and how they might affect the way we use technology in the future. The characters are a great mix and there’s plenty of laughs in among the building suspense.

The Death of WCW

One of the best wrestling books I’ve ever read, blending methodical reporting with hugely satisfying amounts of wrestling snark to tell the story of the downfall of one of the world’s largest entertainment companies – and being the 10th anniversary edition, with even more relevant stories and opinion from those on the scene.

Death of WCW book

The Internet is a Playground

I really liked David Thorne’s first collection of emails and anecdotes from his website, his bizarre hypotheticals and the way he handles angry respondents are truly funny stuff. It’s not really a novel, more just an anthology, but it made for some great holiday reading in the sun all the same.

The Hellbound Heart

I haven’t seen Hellraiser in absolutely years, and thought I’d give the novella it was based on a whirl. As previous film reviews will attest, I’m really not a fan of horror but I really enjoyed The Hellbound Heart – it predates most of the generic conventions you get in most horror nowadays and as such is a pretty scary read.

Flowers For Algernon

I remembered reading this when I was young but apparently there was a whole section missing from the version I’d read before; in its entirety this book made me experience what’s commonly known these days as ‘the feels’.

Brave New World

A great take on civilised society in the future, this book still holds up well today despite its being published many decades ago. I loved this vision of a so-called perfect society and the way all people are literally not created equals, to warn readers that individualism and freedom of expression shouldn’t be taken for granted the way we sometimes do.

Any recommendations for my 2015 reading list?

2 thoughts on “My Top Reads of 2014

  1. Nice list, I highly recommend more Neal Stephenson. Anathem and Diamond Age are my favourite two I’ve read of his so far, with snow crash coming in a close third.

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