Club Nintendo and Stars Catalogue to close in September

The Nintendo loyalty programme is to be replaced, details TBA.

Tonight me and my lady have gone diving through all our old Nintendo Wii, DS and 3DS games in an effort to register for Club Nintendo points to spend on a beautiful Yoshi backpack.

But If I’d known Club Nintendo was a thing, I’d have traded them in long ago for that beautiful Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack on CD.

In what has to be the most disappointing moment I’ve had all week (it’s been a very ‘First World Problems’ situation in our home office tonight), most of the codes we tried to convert were either not recognised or had expired.

club nintendo to close

That’s the sad state of affairs we’re facing right now, as Club Nintendo prepares to close its doors worldwide, going from a Nintendo announcement made this week.

Games purchased for the Wii, DS, 3DS and Wii U came with little scratchcards which contain codes, which are registered to an account along with additional consumer feedback about where and when they bought the game (very clever move), in order to get Stars which could be spent on Nintendo merchandise.

Having just taken my first ever proper look at the catalogue…well, I’m assuming that users in America and Japan get much better gear than this. A Pikmin keyring? Nah seriously, I’m good mate. It’s not all bad though, with ringtones and other little tchotchkes available, you’ve got to get your money’s worth.

As gaming trends get further away from a casual audience, and Nintendo keeps up its hit-and-miss attempts to get back in the game, I do worry that casualties like Club Nintendo happen because of a drop in overall brand awareness. Their games are amazing but they’re pretty expensive when up against another bloody Candy Crush clone downloaded on the cheap for a mobile rather than a dedicated gaming device.

Stars will no longer be packaged into games as of the 1st April, while the new 3DS systems will be released Starless in February. You’ve still got until the end of September to register those points though – that is, unless you feel like tweeting the codes to me. (I’m serious.)

But that backpack. And that CD. Oh well, eBay for one, torrent legal purchase elsewhere for another I guess.

2 thoughts on “Club Nintendo and Stars Catalogue to close in September

  1. Europe tended to get really solid stuff. Nintendo of Europe is superior to Nintendo of America in most ways.

    I wasn’t a big fan of Club Nintendo though. Their Platinum reward this last time was really weak, especially considering that it is now the last one they are given out. It is cool to get “free” stuff and I hate to complain, but I was hoping for something more unique than a limited list of free games!

  2. Thirty years of being a dominant force in the industry and they still haven’t learned how to take care of their fans. This myopic vision will be their downfall.

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