The Week in Geek: Steam’s employee of the month and more

This week, DC Comics decides on another reboot, and there’s a new depressing reminder of how old we’re getting.

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Gabe Newell: Steam support worker

I’ve personally never had any issues with my Steam account, but given the relative few purchases I’ve actually made on it I’m sure there are serious Steamers out there who have had cause to contact Steam support. One fan took it upon himself to contact the head of Valve, Gabe Newell, to address a problem he’d been having and casually mention that Steam support was lacking.

Ever the hero that the internet has made him out to be, Kotaku reported that Newell himself got back in touch and offered to help resolve the issue personally – and a couple of hours later, the issue was resolved. Newell even gave permission to the user to tell of his experiences through screenshots and social media, replying to the query by saying “everyone here at Valve is in support” when it comes to helping their gamers get good service.

It’s a pretty amazing response but naturally, I’m wondering if he could do with a bit more resource in support so that he can get back to work on something else.


New 52 – Old 52? DC Comics to do…something.

I never know what’s happening with comics publishing any more. Universes created, destroyed, synced up, whatever – all seemingly an excuse to churn out a few more issues every month. The New 52 line from DC debuted in September 2011 – 52 new stories which replaced everything DC was putting on the shelves. Titles were cancelled and relaunched anew, and it was heralded as a great jumping-on point for new readers.

As is this. Business Wire has reported that in June, DC will launch 24 new titles to go alongside 25 existing books following the Convergence event which will see Brainiac, well, converge all universes into one. A good idea for anyone wondering why there are more than one version of any given character running about without regard for continuity, the ‘universes’ have long been a good way for publishers to branch their characters off down two dimensional forks of the same path.

Despite fans’ belief that the option remained for DC to go pre-52 by leaving little trapdoors open, we think that things will go on as they are, with an added element of inclusion by “publish[ing] something for everyone”, as co-publisher Dan DiDio said in the report. Sounds okay to me.


The Sims is 15

And in the nostalgia section this week, The Sims franchise turns 15 years old. Good god. First launched on February 4th, 2000, the first in the series was pretty groundbreaking in terms of minute detail and adding a personal attachment to both storytelling and ‘god mode’. It made my Influential 15 a few months ago and still holds some amazing memories for me from the first time I played. I even pop on the second game every now and then to see who I can upset by swearing at or burning the dinner. Knowing now it’s managed 15 hugely successful years is a double-edged sword of emotion for me; while it definitely deserves that level of achievement…man, it makes me feel old.

One thought on “The Week in Geek: Steam’s employee of the month and more

  1. Speaking of being old… The Sims is 15!? I remember playing that for HOURS on end when it first came out. One of the funniest moments in memory of my teenage gaming years is figuring out that you can actually murder your own sims.

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