AdVenture Capitalist – shut up and give me money

An ‘idle’ business sim game for mobile that’s fun and educational.

My brother is evil. There, I said it. (In fact, I might just click Publish and leave it at that.)

About a week and a half ago he happened to show me and my good lady a game he’d installed for his mobile phone – a business sim called AdVenture Capitalist. It looked fair enough to me and, long since tired of Geek Resort and more than a bit fed up of Tiny Tower, decided to give it a go.

adventure capitalist mobile game

Now? I wake up and check my bank account. I buy hundreds of ice hockey teams at a time without blinking on the train home. Don’t even ask me how I get through a full day at the office without digging out my mobile. (Hint: I can’t. Just don’t tell my manager.)

This game has me gripped in its clenched capitalist fist. And it’s so much fun.

AdVenture Capitalist is a simple enough ‘Idle’-type game to begin with – you set up your very own lemonade stand and make money by tapping the lemon, squeezing out some profits from sales. Once you’ve made enough money you get to take on a newspaper round – more money per press. If you’re getting particularly flush with the cash you can buy more lemonade stands, more paper rounds and so on.

From here you work your way up the business chain, via car washes and pizzerias all the way up to banks and oil companies worth billions per press. You can even hire managers, dispensing with the button press as the meters fill up automatically.

Naturally your lemonade stand is going to give you some cash a little faster than waiting to strike oil – but once your profits start climbing, your businesses multiply and the profits come even faster thanks to the ownership bonuses and purchasable additional profit multipliers.

Still with me? Good. Now it gets tricky.

Once your empire has been amassed, you attract the attention of angel investors. These blessed backers will multiply your profits even more – at 2% per angel. The only catch is, for the angel investors to get on board you’ve got to sell up everything – everything – and start again from scratch. It can be painful watching everything go, especially with all that waiting around to increase your fortunes.

But once they’re in, your empire can be built again, even faster. On my most recent restart I pressed Lemonade once and was able to make the jump straight up to purchasing an oil company and make my way back down! The power. The riches. The numbers so high they sound as if they’re made up – quintillions and sixtillions, oh my!

Ahem. Yes. So, in closing, this game is rather moreish, and my brother is evil. Good day.

3 thoughts on “AdVenture Capitalist – shut up and give me money

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