A Tune For Tuesday – Happy Mario Day!

Today is Super Mario Day. I approve.

I don’t even know when this started being a thing, but the marketing geniuses at Nintendo did something clever with their Calendar phone apps to decide that as today is the 10th of March, or rather, Mar10, that it should be Mario Day.


I guess I’m okay with this. He is the face of many a brilliant video game after all – from the original trilogy of games for Super Nintendo (and especially Super Mario Bros. 3 which was the first one to really hook me into console gaming) to the recent stunning Galaxy games, not to mention the Mario Kart series which is easily my favourite racer of all time.

When it comes to Mario music, you know there’s so many tracks to choose from.  More than 30 years’ worth, in fact, across a multitude of gaming platforms each with their own distinct sound. From 8-bit original goodness to massive orchestral versions, the soundtracks are always a highlight, and one of the staples of a memorable video game – in fact, it’s basically unfair that Mario hogs so many of the musical highlights of video game culture.

How best to celebrate Mario Day? Well, seeing as it’s Tuesday, why not write a long-winded introduction to my less than semi-regular series celebrating the best geek culture music of all time.

Outside of that theme tune, it’s far too hard to choose a single piece – so instead I’m going with the entire Super Mario Galaxy OST.


Alternatively, why not celebrate Mario day by trying one of the following:

  • Take your princess to another castle.
  • Wear a tanooki onesie. (They must exist, right?)
  • Duck down atop a large white building and see if you disappear behind it.
  • Watch the Super Mario Brothers movie starring Bob Hoskins. Actually, god, no, please don’t.
  • Play the damn games.

How will you celebrate Mario Day?

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