Excited for Wrestlemania 31? (What do you mean, no?)

Wrestlemania 31 – predictions and sadness

We’re just over two weeks away from the 31st instalment of the WWE’s signature event, Wrestlemania. As with most years, by now the major ingredients are in place and we can safely start breaking down what may or may not happen.

Wrestlemania 31 card

Usually this all comes with more than a pinch of excitement for what’s ahead – but for various reasons this year I’m hesitant about booking the Monday morning off and getting ready for some seriously exciting matches and outcomes.

Here are my thoughts on a few of the bigger-profile matches set for the Wrestlemania 31 card.

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

With a galaxy of talent named in the second ever Memorial battle royal including Sin Cara, Fandango and Adam Rose, please forgive my less than spirited enthusiasm, especially considering the less than stellar year that Cesaro had since winning the first one – it’s thought that he won’t even be appearing on Wrestlemania proper at this point, as he’ll likely defend his Tag Team titles with partner Tyson Kidd on the preshow. Unless Cesaro gets into this match with a good story about trying to defend his (broken) trophy, my hopes are low…

Triple H vs Sting

…though maybe not as low as they are for this match. Considering Triple H’s own admission that he doesn’t know what will happen out there, with the competitors’ combined age of 100, and Hunter resting the feud on the age-old ‘Monday Night Wars’ through interviews, it’s been difficult to get fans to care much about this one. Seeing Sting wrestle in a WWE ring will be a revelation for many, but for me Sting’s late TNA work didn’t get me pumped up for seeing him in the ring with a great performer like Triple H – especially at Wrestlemania. Sting will probably win here – anything else only lends more weight to the fact that post-WCW WCW was an absolute mess.

Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title

Quite a motley crew here – Bad News Barrett, R-Truth, Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper, Dolph Ziggler, Stardust and Daniel Bryan, plus potentially another name or two between here and the big night. Not content with a losing streak even Less Than Jake would be envious of, Bad News Barrett now has to deal with the consistent theft of his Intercontinental title.

As if needing to literally prove that the rightful owner is the man who wins the multi-man ladder match, they’ve been stealing the belt off each other. It’s a poor substitute for some proper character development in my opinion, especially as the loosest possible plot is all that some of these guys even need to make it to the next level of the card, such is their talent. I can see Bryan winning this, but wouldn’t mind Dolph taking it or – controversially – Barrett retaining. I’m a big fan. Either way, the IC title is frankly below most of these guys.

More to come later this week – even more reasons why the build towards Wrestlemania 31 isn’t exactly doing it for me.

2 thoughts on “Excited for Wrestlemania 31? (What do you mean, no?)

  1. I don’t follow wrestling very closely anymore, but Wrestlemania has often been that single moment where I suddenly care, however brief. I don’t think I’ll be caring much this time around.

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