The Week in Geek: Seth Rollins, Bruce Campbell and Smash Bros.

Happy Easter, everyone! May your day be fun and chocolate-y.

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Wrestlemania 31 – the best in recent memory?

I’ve watched Wrestlemania 31 twice in the past week – once, as it unfolded, and a second time over pizza and beer with friends, trying not to squee too hard at the conclusion of the main event, which saw Seth Rollins cash in his Money in the Bank contract to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Aside from a few dodgy bits, I really must say that this year’s Wrestlemania was my favourite since I started watching them again – so since about 27 or 28. I haven’t been up to date on every single detail in that time but this event featured a lot of good-to-great matches and even the weaker ones had some great moments – notably the entrances for Sting vs Triple H, which were as understated as ever in the latter’s case.

With Rollins’ capturing the title and Brock Lesnar’s resigning, I’m suddenly optimistic about the title picture again, while the secondary titles in the hands of John Cena and Daniel Bryan should also make things a lot more interesting. More than anything though, Seth Rollins as a smarmy heel champion is going to be brilliant.

Ash vs Evil Dead

Well, the new cinematic remake certainly didn’t do the franchise any favours, but the release of a poster for a new ten-part TV series starring Bruce Campbell in his most famous role might be cause for celebration.

ash vs evil dead poster starz tv

Starz has a reputation for a certain grit in their production, and I’m sure that the channel which made Spartacus will have no issue with goring up a new TV instalment of the iconic film series, set to debut in the autumn.

Of course I’m a little concerned as to whether the original gang can pull off another successful visit with Ash, and there’s always the concern that we’re sinking even further away from fresh and original ideas (as we’re bombarded with yet another summer of TV remakes and long-since-unnecessary big screen sequels) but given the self-awareness Evil Dead always had, it could be dealt with quite nicely during the TV run.

Who should join Super Smash Bros. next? You decide!

Well, not YOU, but as reported by GameInformer (on April Fool’s Day) you can visit the official Nintendo website and put forward your suggestions for a new character to join the ranks of the Super Smash Bros. roster. There’s been some confusion over whether or not suggestions are limited to Nintendo-only games, but at the time of writing it does appear that ANY character can be submitted. So while some may root for the more Nintendo-friendly characters like Toad or even Bayonetta, it looks like you won’t be overly ridiculed for thinking maybe the likes of Gordon Freeman should be in there. Hmm. Actually, that is a great idea…

2 thoughts on “The Week in Geek: Seth Rollins, Bruce Campbell and Smash Bros.

    • I do recall it happening, but I think it’s only been once: Alberto Del Rio tried to cash in on John Cena and lost. Not sure if it was a surprise during another match or anything like that though.

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