The Week in Geek: D’oh!

It’s time for another geek culture round-up, this week covering The Simpsons, Daredevil and a band I’ve been listening to a lot lately instead of updating the blog.

week in geek culture news

No more Simpsons home video releases


As tweeted by showrunner Al Jean, The Simpsons will no longer have a home video release on DVD or Blu-ray, with season seventeen being the final available set on disc released last December.

He went on to state that DVD sales were no longer profitable, and with the recent launch of a dedicated streaming service for individual episodes, you can’t really argue. The Simpsons archive has also found new success Stateside as the FXX network bought the rights to screen it for three quarters of a billion dollars. It now shows 24 hours of Simpsons per week.

So with the newfound ubiquity of the world’s most successful TV show, maybe the time is right to cancel those home releases. A certain collector may tell you that he gave up buying after season 13 anyway because that’s when the show went waaay the hell downhill – and perhaps even the hardcore fans gave it four more before the drop in sales – but whatever.

Daredevil drops on Netflix

Speaking of on-demand streaming, I predict confusion ahead on Ben Affleck’s Twitter account (if he even has one) when a torrent of comic fans start tweeting their love for Daredevil on Netflix.

But sadly for him, they’ll no doubt be referring to the brand new Netflix-exclusive series starring Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio. All 13 episodes were released simultaneously for binge-watch appeal, which takes anyway any of the agonising waits fans are currently exposed to for the likes of Arrow, Agents of SHIELD and, (shudder) Gotham.

As my out-of-control DVD collection can attest to, I’m not a subscriber to the service but with the release of this series and the promise of more to come, me and my lady are currently in advanced negotiations to sign up – mainly so I can enjoy the small-screen return of Mr D’Onofrio, whose performances in Law & Order: Criminal Intent were a massive highlight of what’s still one of my favourite cop shows.

…and on a personal note

Seems I’m not being as active on the blog as I’d like to be. Apologies. I’m working on a few new ideas which will hopefully see some upturn in terms of a regular blogging schedule.

To say I’m sorry, here’s a clip of Fugazi frontman Guy Picciotto hanging out of a basketball hoop. We cool?


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