A Tune For Tuesday (and the rest of the week) – Seven Days In The Sun

At the time of publishing this post I’ll be on my way to the airport with my good lady for a well-earned week in the sun.

We got the packing out of the way this weekend so that I could really get down to some difficult decisions on Monday; namely, what books I’m taking and the all-important contents of my iPod.

So with a couple of new books for my Kobo, the entire back catalogue of the excellent Calling Spots wrestling fanzine and plenty of podcasts stored up, we’re heading off for a week.

To celebrate, here’s a couple of my very favourite summery tracks.


The Beatsteaks – Summer


I’ve loved this song ever since it showed up on the P-Rock music channel, many many years ago. The video shows life on the road for a rock band and the ways they can combat boredom, while also being a very sweet tribute to the bonds of band brotherhood.


Feeder – Seven Days In The Sun


You know when you’re walking somewhere with your headphones on, you turn a corner and see the sun coming out. The sun gives you a little rush, then a big tune comes on and you feel an even bigger surge?

This song is THE song that just started playing.


What gets you in the mood for summertime? Comment below! See you soon!

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