Frank Miller announces Batman: The Dark Knight Returns sequel

The Dark Knight III: The Master Race to be released in Autumn 2015

The writer of the seminal Batman comic The Dark Knight Returns has announced another instalment of the series, fifteen years after its sequel and in time for the thirtieth anniversary.

The Dark Knight III: The Master Race was announced last week in a rare tweet from Frank Miller, and will be co-written by Brian Azzarello. Unlike the previous two entries in The Dark Knight, which were pencilled by Miller, it appears that an artist will join the team.

Released in 1986, The Dark Knight Returns was an iconic non-canon Batman story dealing with Bruce Wayne’s return from retirement, struggling against his advancing years as well as the rising threat of the Mutant gang, a relapsed Two Face and a Joker which hit new lows of evil and insanity.

In these pages there’s even a reach towards the very top of the food chain – the American president; more of which is tackled in the 2001 sequel The Dark Knight Strikes Again through a much less subtle visual attack of noisy colours and pretty heavy violence.

Small wonder that while the original instalment is held up as an example of not just Batman comics, but comics in general, beginning to make more of an artistic statement and compelling argument for good storytelling in graphic novel form, the sequel was much less successful.

And so, 30 years on from the original, Miller is set to return – with the subtitle The Master Race alone a rather shocking invocation of what the story could contain.

With the likes of TDKR and Watchmen shifting comics into a more mature, mainstream medium in the 1980s, today the sheer flood of superheroes hitting the cinema is a direct result. I really am curious to see what this book may contain by way of comment on that graduation, from one of the very first people to begin that movement.

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