‘Tap Titans’ mobile game is no fun for people with big hands

Put simply, Tap Titans is fast-moving and exciting – but only for a limited period.

tap titans mobile game

While counting down the months and weeks until the release of Fallout 4 (and buying a PS4 to play it on), I was very excited to learn of the existence of the Fallout Shelter mobile game, and immediately went to the App Store to check it out.

Since I got my Galaxy S5 about two months ago I’ve been impressed with it, and have been wanting to try different games out on it. So imagine my disappointment to find that Fallout Shelter hasn’t even been released for Android – and apparently won’t be for ‘a few months’.

As far as mobile gaming goes, I don’t have that many apps installed on my phone, and am quite discerning when it comes to trying them out. AdVenture Capitalist obviously made the cut. I saw Tap Titans during one of the bonus-giving ad breaks, and decided to give it a go too.

A couple of days later and I’m pretty much ready to cut it loose – partly because I quite like my S5 and am no longer prepared to risk damaging it by thrashing away at it with my sausage-like fingers.

big train fat handed twat

The aim of Tap Titans is pretty simple; defeat monsters, level up and recruit new fighters to aid you in your quest. The action is barely broken up at all as you move on to the next battle instantly, with the difficulty climbing only by the amount of damage you need to go, multiplying accordingly with the level of you and your fellow fighters.

Of course, this being a freemium game, there’s the chance to progress further in the game by making real-money purchases; in this case Diamonds which are available in bulk for prices between $1.99 and $99.99. I am honestly amazed that the option exists for people to spend 100 dollars (more than £60) on a mobile game, but there you have it; some people must be really keen to progress in the game and…

…I’m not even sure there is an endgame here. All I know is my heroes keep being killed by bosses, and that I can’t see a damn thing onscreen when I’m battling because all I’m really doing is hitting my screen and my giant hand is blocking the view.


simpsons jokes about my giant hand gif


Just tapping the screen to take part is all very well and good, but in terms of a game mechanic there isn’t really much skill involved – of course, a more rhythmically gifted player will do better than me on this, but there just isn’t much fun to be had by tapping the screen to knock HP off my enemies – especially when the damage they’re returning seems fairly arbitrary in response.

Of course, it could well be that I’m just a complete noob at Tap Titans, but just a couple of days after installing it I’m not seeing any real argument to hold onto the game.

One thought on “‘Tap Titans’ mobile game is no fun for people with big hands

  1. This “game” was fun for a bit until I got bored of it. I played Tap Titans on an iPad so the bigger screen helps. I also tried Fallout Shelter, but uninstalled it after a couple of days. My guys kept dying haha.

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