The Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition is BEAUTIFUL…but not for me

It’s hard to remember when exactly the trend started for boxing extra trinkets in with upcoming video games and releasing them as pre-order exclusives, but the Collector’s Edition trend shows no sign of slowing down – especially not when we’re gearing up for one of the most anticipated sequels since OH FOR FUCK’S SAKE VALVE, JUST ANNOUNCE HALF-LIFE 3 WILL YOU!!!


Now I’m never one for fanboy drooling over possessions, particularly the expensive ones – but look at this. Just LOOK at it.

fallout 4 pip boy collectors edition

According to GAME, the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition Includes:

  • Fallout 4 Game Disc
  • Wearable Pip-Boy
  • Robco Industries Stand
  • Capsule Case
  • Pip-Boy Pocket Guide
  • Vault-Tec Perk Poster
  • Collectible Metal Case

You can actually put your smartphone inside the wearable Pip-Boy and, along with the official app, pretend you’ve got your own fully functional device. Never have I wanted to play dress-up so badly since…well, since I went to a fancy dress thing as Shaun of the Dead.

shaun of the dead cosplay

I had red on me.


As I see it, there are but four problems standing between me and this piece of geek heaven:

It says ‘out of stock’

Which could be fair enough as this is, obviously, a pre-order. But on the other hand, it may actually have all gone already, which would be very upsetting.

It costs £100

And no matter how shiny a shiny thing may be, sometimes it’s difficult to justify spending that much money on things that would only end up sitting over the fireplace.

It’s only available from GAME

And we haven’t had the best relationship.

I don’t own a PS4 or XBone

And again, no matter how shiny a shiny thing it may be, that’s an even steeper investment considering that no game has actually swayed me into buying one yet – you’d think the raft of launch titles would have convinced me that XBox One or PlayStation 4 was the way to go, but no.

There’s plenty of time left between now and the game’s release (apparently November) to twist my own arm into buying one of the latest consoles and getting myself another slice of wasteland mayhem, but at the moment spending at least £300 only to buy one game is rather a ridiculous concept. And before you ask – there’s no way my PC can handle those graphics.

So what’s it to be?

7 thoughts on “The Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition is BEAUTIFUL…but not for me

  1. PS4 definitely! Plus you’ll get to play the new Batman, Tomb Raider and uncharted! 🙂 Although I definitely won’t be spending £100 on a Pip Boy edition of Fallout 4!

    • I second this. It’s an all-around great console. They have a strong indie presence, great third party support, and a lot of exclusive franchises to draw from. If you are like me and you didn’t play much Playstation 3, getting an opportunity to catch up all you missed through either Playstation Now (their online game streaming service) or the bevy of HD remakes they have been releasing is well worth it.

      It has been an excellent compliment to my gaming computer.

  2. I really hate that I missed out on Fallout 3’s bobblehead and lunchbox. This is cooler, but far to expensive and a lot less practical. I am fairly certain my phone won’t fit, for example. I also would rather get my memorabilia separately anyway. For a franchise like Fallout that already has a really good physical merchandise presence, I think a better preorder bonus would be a store credit that I could put toward a bobblehead or limited edition tshirt.

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