Will Seth Rollins turn babyface at WWE Night of Champions?

Sadly enough, it would mean Sheamus cashes in his Money In The Bank briefcase.

When Seth Rollins left Summerslam last month with both the WWE World Heavyweight and United States titles, fans realised that he would be booked to defend both titles on the very next event; Night of Champions, which is one week away.

And with two titles on the line – against John Cena in a US Title rematch and a defence against The Icon, Sting, Rollins will have his work cut out for him to hold onto both.

Current word on Smark Street is that the World title match will actually go on before John Cena gets his big return match for the belt which, to be fair, he has added plenty of value to thanks to the Weekly Open Challenge on RAW. Not only that, but The Champ reportedly has plenty of US Title t-shirts ready to sell during next week’s episode.

When merch means more than the belt, and the US title on Cena means he’ll sell more shirts, what could it possibly mean for the World title?

seth rollins wrestlemania 31

I’m not big on fantasy booking – mainly because my ideal WWE and the actual WWE grow farther apart by the week – but forward-facing fans are soon expecting a Seth Rollins face turn, which would be amazing.

Rollins’ betraying his brothers in The Shield was a pretty big moment, and he’s obviously had some fantastic matches during his heel run, but not many of those have occurred while he’s been world champion. As he’s not currently setting the world on fire in either capacity – baddie or world champion – the time feels right to set Rollins back on the straight and narrow.

Step one: get the World belt off him.

How this happens, and assuming it does happen at Night of Champions – which would be a tremendous disappointment considering the event’s pretty low reputation – there are two ways.

WWE World Heavyweight Title match: Sting beats Seth Rollins

As the lone warrior looking to crush The Authority, Sting’s rampage has to date included the shocking debut at Survivor Series, as well as the destruction of Rollins’ bronze statue, which the newly double champion had made to celebrate his achievement at Summerslam. He heads to Night of Champions determined to end Rollins’ reign of terror.

As much as I respect the work of Sting, who had an absolutely stellar decade with WCW and not so much of another one with TNA, his one WWE match to date ended somewhat flatly with a loss against The Terminator Triple H, and I don’t see a clean win against Rollins happening all that convincingly.

The first step of a Seth Rollins face turn would have to involve an Authority screwjob, and for that to happen it also needs to be convincing enough. He needs to feel weakened and embarrassed by The Authority, which means that, sadly, we would need to have Sting ridiculed for taking the victory against a competitor in the prime of his life.

Triple H can definitely pull that off – “you got beat by him? I barely broke a sweat against him at Wrestlemania!” etc. (This despite the fact that it took all his mates in DX to help him get the win.)

We’ll get to what may potentially happen to Sting as WWE Champion shortly.


WWE World Heavyweight Title match: Seth Rollins retains against Sting

Assuming that Rollins competes earlier in the night for his US Title match against Cena, and whatever happens there, he’ll be Super Weakened from taking on Super Cena, which will make him just that bit more desperate to hold onto some gold against Sting. Whether he admirably pulls out a clean win (an early hint at turning face) or uses despicable tactics to retain (a show of force that he still holds sway around the WWE), let’s assume that he does hold on to the belt…

…until that twat with the stupid beard turns up with his Money In The Bank briefcase.

We all know that Triple H is big on Sheamus – after all, he’s the one that brought him in, and if you looked closely enough on that Wrestlemania entrance, you saw that Sheamus was identified as one of The Terminator’s ‘targets’ in his HUD – even before he’d returned from injury he was still enough of a deal to get on that graphic.

So it could be, that in a vulgar display of power at Night of Champions, that Sheamus absolutely murders Seth Rollins to take away the WWE World Heavyweight Title after cashing in his briefcase, and replaces Rollins as the wrestling face of The Authority.

If Sting does win that title match, and is suitably weakened from an all-out Rollins assault (again, face turn hints may apply), then Sheamus can just as easily wreck The Icon in seconds and take the title. This way, Triple H is again satisfied that the man railing against The Authority is taken care of.

Either way, the prospect of Sheamus becoming WWE Champion at Night of Champions?

No thanks. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but it could be a big step towards turning Seth Rollins from an average heel champion into a determined babyface challenger – and that  particular journey is something many fans will clamour for.

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