Who won the Black Friday 2015 console war?

They may provide countless hours of entertainment for kids and grown-ups alike, but admit it – part of the fun of console gaming has always been to pledge unflinching loyalty to one company and enjoying ‘your’ successes against the other team.

Being a grown-up myself I can still remember the verbal dust-ups in the playground between Sega die-hards and Nintendo nerds, before Sony got in on the action with the original Playstation.

And the fun continues with Sony and Microsoft now leading the battle for that spot underneath your TV, as retailers rack up sales of the eighth generation of video game consoles in the pre-Christmas retail war. The PS4 is looking pretty strong so far thanks to a more well-rounded range of games, but the XBox One has its admirers too.


XBox One Black Friday


With everyone just about recovered from the UK’s Black Friday 2015, MCV has reported on the winners and losers – and once again I can feel that rush of arrogant pride.

First off though, it’s worth mentioning that over the week of sales including Black Friday, an estimated 315,000 consoles were sold in the UK. Quite amazing considering that they’re still nudging the £300 mark despite all the discounting.

It was a close-run thing but in the end, with about 139,000 sales to the XBox One’s 134,000, the PS4 looks to have taken the honours – and avenging its 2013 defeat.

Sony PS4 Black Friday

Of course, November’s always a good time of year for game releases – I’m sure you realise by now that Fallout 4 is pretty much the whole reason I bought a PS4, and fortunately Arkham Knight wasn’t bad enough to put me off the whole idea altogether.

So with the aforementioned awesomeness hitting both consoles, as well as the Microsoft-exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider being released in recent weeks, I’m not surprised it was so tight.

I’ve got some issues with the whole ‘Black Friday in the UK’ thing. Considering it’s held the day after American Thanksgiving and we have no such equivalent, I don’t see why retailers are trying to cash in on this – especially when we’re already dubious about the nature of the discounts and whether it’s actually anything we’d buy otherwise. It’s good to see though that gaming continues its push of popularity in UK homes – no matter which one you’ve bought, everyone’s a winner really.

Except Sony won it a little bit more. In your face, XBone.

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