2015 – The Blogging Year in Review

I was hoping to write a fairly in-depth analysis of Alpha Signal Five’s year, but before I knew it it had turned 7pm on New Year’s Eve, so you’ll just have to settle for something a little briefer while I wait for my takeaway to arrive.

So. In 2015 (and at the time of publishing, as we might yet squeeze in a few more tonight) Alpha Signal Five received

  • From 5,120 visitors

That’s pretty bloody great isn’t it! I’m well chuffed with the fact that the site got more than 5,000 (not unique) visitors. Compare it to 2014, which got

  • From 3,883 visitors

And I’m extremely pleased with the improvement. Certainly enough to pay my WordPress bill when it’s time to renew in the next few weeks.

According to that Year in Review thing which I got from WordPress the other day, I wrote 74 posts in 2015 (not sure if that includes the one about Guitar Hero Live which I’ve got saved in Drafts right now). That’s 1.42 posts a day, roughly one every four days.

That’s not too bad actually. But I certainly wish I’d got a few more in, maybe 100 or so. I know that there were long spells where I’d been a bit neglectful, and given myself some internal grief as a result. I’ve sort of arrived at a decision about that…a resolution, if you will…but we’ll get to that next week.


Most-viewed posts of 2015

My top five most read posts of 2015, also written this year (cos god knows we shouldn’t be talking about that guy – the most read of 2015 overall – any more.)

Happy Birthday, nWo! Hulk Hogan’s 1996 WCW Heel Turn

Oh crap, there he is again.

Who will win the 2015 Royal Rumble?

Not a classic match by any means, but the Rollins-Cena-Lesnar match was my favourite of the year.

The Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition is BEAUTIFUL…but not for me

A look at the expensive side of geek culture, and the first of three this year on what’s definitely been my gaming highlight of 2015.

Why did Tom DeLonge leave Blink 182?

A bit of a shocker, this, but I enjoyed a trip back into teen nostalgia while celebrating a lifelong favourite band.

WWF – the story of Fake Diesel and Fake Razor Ramon

Inspired by the story of the genuine articles joining WCW, and the WWF’s completely weak response.

Mainly wrestling, but unlike 2014 when I promised not to write about it for the sake of writing about it, these pieces have met that promise as I had genuine interest in the topics at hand.

Improvements on 2014

I make a regular habit of saying ‘I’m not in the habit of making resolutions’, which I clearly am. So let’s take a look at last year’s equivalent post and see what went right.

The one thing I know I’ve worked on here is writing for myself; I’ve binned the news in brief posts and instead concentrated on news when I’ve actually got something to say about it, instead of just regurgitating the news and ending with a summary of my brief thoughts.

There’s only that, really. But I don’t mind. I’ve done my best to make the blog into something a bit more ‘me’ and I think I’ve achieved that.

And now as we get into 2016, I’ll be off to a pretty good start with some posts already in the making. Let’s see what the new year brings. Have a good one, dudes – and thank you for being on the other end of this mass of tubes they call the internets, reading the stuff I write. It’s a good feeling.



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