A Tune For Tuesday – from Portal 2 and on a Thursday

Okay, so this one’s a couple of days late – but that’s on purpose; with all the E3 debate still raging I wasn’t sure that breaking it up with this tale of moving on and the lyrics “go make some new disaster” would be entirely appropriate…although actually, maybe they would.

So from the ending of Portal 2 comes this lovely ditty, sung again by Ellen McLain in a lot more of a GlaDOS-sounding voice and some wonderfully biting lyrics. Although Still Alive remains the more popular song as a contribution to gaming culture, I much prefer the lyrics and music of Want You Gone.

A Tune For Tuesday – from Fallout 3

Feeling that this week’s tune should be a little more chilled than usual, readers, so by special request, a song described only in my research as “a jazz standard” and nothing else.


What’s your favourite Fallout theme?

A Tune For Tuesday – The World Ends With You

Better known in Japan as It’s a Wonderful World, this nifty little game got some splendid response from fans and critics alike; it won “tenth best game released on a Nintendo system during the 2000s” from Nintendo Power – an impressive feat considering albeit one with so many qualifiers. It’s bloody hard though!


My track of choice for Tuesday’s Tune is ‘Déjà vu’ – initially released on a 6-track EP through the Japanese iTunes store called “Subarashiki Konosekai + The World Ends with You” in June 2008. A month later it saw a physical release on a 19-track album.

The vocals are by Joanna Koike, who apart from this profile doesn’t seem to have a lot of info floating about online. Best way, really; you don’t want any old joker being able to regurgitate a bunch of facts about you on his blog just because you once sang a cool song. Ahem.


A Tune For Tuesday: from Deus Ex

When the original composer of a game teams up with the talented people at OCRemix, you know you’re in for something special. And that’s what happened when, according to the YouTube page, “Eidos Montreal Studios teamed up with OverClocked ReMix and the composer of the original Deus Ex, Alexander Brandon, to release 8 remixed tracks from the game.”

Here then, inspired by the original Deus Ex music, is The Search For Ambrosia by Zircon & Jillian Aversa:

A Tune For Tuesday #3 – from Armoured Core

Well, we all knew I’d miss a week right? In all the fervour and the excitement of…I guess it was Bank Holiday weekend but I didn’t actually do all that much.

So here’s a little something off the top of my head, from Silent Line: Armored Core. Kota Hoshino does some wonderful chilled-out stuff, and this one’s no exception: I urge you to do some googling and youtubing for as much of his music as you can.

“Morning, Lemontea”

A Tune For Tuesday #2 – Crazy Taxi

There are many different elements to a great game. The graphics, the gameplay, the soundtrack – they must all combine beautifully as one in order to make for a truly great experience.

When later versions of Crazy Taxi were released after its original incarnation on the Sega Dreamcast, the poor saps who bought them were not privy to the game’s original wonderful music; entirely contributed by two of the finest punk rock bands ever: The Offspring and Bad Religion.

It’s tough for me to try to choose between the two for Tuesday’s Tune; while Bad Religion has to be one of the smartest-thinking bands of all time with their socially and politically conscious lyrics – plus the ability to rock out at will – I have to go with The Offspring for my choice.

You remember jumping into that taxi for the first time, right? Which riff instantly starts playing in your head as the car zooms off and the timer starts to count down? That’s right…


A Tune for Tuesday #1

Let’s see if I actually remember to do this week to week, eh? Basically an excuse for me to play bits of the cool video game-related music I hear whenever surfing those stations online. The inaugural honours go to a track called “Calling” from FFVII: Advent Children, which I realise isn’t the game itself but…y’know…shove it.


According to the FFWiki, This song is originally from a 1989 album called Neo Fascio by a chap called Kyosuke Himuro, who was honoured to have it feature in this film. If you can ignore the U2-ish guitar, it’s pretty sweet isn’t it?